Travel Drawing

What is Travel Drawing

“Travel drawing has a meaning what understanding is intuitive, you travel, you draw. Mostly travel drawing refers to people who travel and draw what they see (Cale, 2014,”


Do you like traveling?

If you like traveling, you would like taking pictures about surrounding landscape.

I also love traveling and taking pictures; however, sometimes, I enjoy drawing when I visit a new place because I can observe landscape more detail compared with taking pictures. In addition, I can remember details because of the sketchbook.


(My friends and my drawing about London)

A few years ago, I traveled for drawing with peers. Interestingly, we saw same landscape and buildings, but our drawing was different. Some friends drew to repeat a pattern, line or details. Others drew whole landscape or observation drawing.

1485439964674 1485657195164

(At the time, we observed  Big Ben, King’s cross station, and Hunterian museum)


(Line drawings)


(We drew a special map about a big shopping mall )

It was a very special experience for me, and I could enjoy the more interesting travel compared with common trips. If you have an opportunity such as going a new place or traveling, you try to draw landscapes. Maybe, the trip would be memorized a more special experience.

Reference List.

Cale. (2014, July 22). Travel drawing throughout the world [Blog post]. Retrieved from




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