Lemon Pound Cake

Have you ever baked a bread or cake? I rally like to eat a bread and a cake, but I could't eat a bread in the USA because American desserts are so sweet, so I'm worried my health. That's why I tried to make a cake. Especially, I was recommended the pound cake recipe by … Continue reading Lemon Pound Cake


LA Galbi

Have you ever tried Korean food? Recently, I was so homesick for my country, so I wanted to go back my house. Also, I miss my family and my cat, but I can't go there because an airline ticket is expensive, and I don't have enough time. Therefore, I wanted to eat some Korean food, … Continue reading LA Galbi

Eggplant Gratin

My favorite dish is fried eggplant with soy source, so I want to cook the menu. Therefore, I went to a market, but I was surprise because eggplants' size were too big and thick. I gave up to cook fried eggplant, and I found another recipe which was eggplant gratin. In addition, the recipe was … Continue reading Eggplant Gratin


Travel Drawing

What is Travel Drawing "Travel drawing has a meaning what understanding is intuitive, you travel, you draw. Mostly travel drawing refers to people who travel and draw what they see (Cale, 2014, velabas.com)."   Do you like traveling? If you like traveling, you would like taking pictures about surrounding landscape. I also love traveling and taking … Continue reading Travel Drawing


Happy Korean New Year’s Day

Have you ever heard about Lunar New Year? According to Wikipedia, "Lunar New Year is the first day of a secular, sacred, or other guise whose months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon". Some Asian countries have a Lunar New Year's Day. Especially, I'd like to talk about Korean New Year because I'm … Continue reading Happy Korean New Year’s Day


Delicious and Easy=Soup

I cook my own meal because I'm living apart from my family since I was 17. When I was a teenager, I often skipped to eat meals or ate ready meals. It is because I thought that cooking might be difficult and time-consuming, so I didn't like to cook my meal.  As a result, I couldn't … Continue reading Delicious and Easy=Soup